Tour Packages

Explore El NIdo Islands through different Island tours that we offer. All tours are inclusive of picnic lunch. ( Minimum of 6 pax)


PACKAGE A: @ P1,200/pax. Package tour A covers 5 islands; Small lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Simizu Beach & 7 Commando Beach. You will surely enjoy this tour because of the many excitement it brings to offer. You will have to pass through a small passage to get inside Small lagoon. It’s advisable to bring Kayak when exploring this lagoon. Big Lagoon is truly a glory to see, here you can see a beautiful site of tower cliffs of limestone. Secret Lagoon has a secret passage which you will have to exert your body to get inside. Though small, you can feel the serenity of the place. Simizu Beach, is surrounded by beautiful underwater scenery of different formations and cliffs. A white beach where you can enjoy fish feeding. 7 Commando beach is a long white beach, ideal for swimming, sunbathing , snorkelling and Sunset dinner.

PACKAGE B: @ P1,300/pax. Tour B includes Snake Island, Entalula, Codugnon Cave, Cathedral Cave & Inabuyutan Island. Package B is a good choice if you’re fond of trekking and cliff climbing. Snake Island has all of these, what ? with it’s long stretch of almost connecting beachshore to mainland. Codugnon & Cathedral Cave have many different features to offer. The entry to cave is quite exciting, since one must have to crawl on the small opening and tumble down to inside of the cave. This site is good for picture taking. Inside are many rock formation, birds and bats are resident of the cave. Entalula & Pinagbuyutan Island s are good for swimming and snorkelling.

PACKAGE C: @ P1,400/pax. Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, Collasa Beach, Matinloc Shrine & Helicopter Island. Tour C-is best for people who loves adventure. Secret Beach is the most popular. Getting inside the beach is a challenge because of the strong current & waves splashing , but once inside the beach, it becomes truly different. You can snorkel and feast on the spectacular views of the abundance of marine life in the area. You will run out time just to explore the beaches of Collasa & Hidden Beach. You will not get enough of snorkelling in the area, enjoying the site of beautiful creatures underneath nearly crystal clear water. Helicopter Island offers a more enjoyable time of snorkelling, swimming and kayaking.

PACKAGE D: @ P1,200/pax. Paradise Beach, Bukal Lagoon, Cadlao Lagoon, Pasandigan & Natnat Beach. Tour D, though not popular, it offers view for people who loves quite and peaceful place. The beaches and lagoons are very rich of rock formations, cliffs and other marine life. You will enjoy swimming with the beautiful colourful marine species . You will see the many school of fishes just around the place. Ideal for snorkelling & sunbathing. You will love to stay in these beaches .